Institutions and individuals may join AFRON as regular or affiliated members. Member institutions are represented by a contact person.

Since it launched May 2012, AFRON has 380 members from 51 countries including regular members from Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Algeria, South Africa, Egypt, and Ethiopia, as well as affiliated members from the US, Switzerland, UK, France, Germany, Portugal, and Argentina, to name a few.

Regular Members:

Regular members are engaged in robotics education, research or industry and have direct links to Africa. Examples of regular institutional members include universities, research labs, non-profit organizations and companies in Africa. Examples of regular individual members include university faculty and researchers; individuals running robotics programs for tertiary, secondary or primary students; African robotics in the diaspora, and so on.

Affiliated Members:

Affiliated members are supportive of the AFRON initiative but may not have direct links to Africa or may not be directly engaged in robotics initiatives on the continent.

Membership is free:

There are no dues.

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A community of institutions, organizations and individuals engaged in robotics in Africa. AFRON seeks to promote communication and collaborations that will enhance robotics-related education, research, and industry on the continent.

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